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One app, Truly Madly, adapts modern dating specifically for Indians, allowing women to feel safe talking to unknown men online by verifying its users through social networks, phone numbers, and photo IDs. But the process still has a long way to go if it wants to modernize, as women still do not have complete agency.

Despite what Bollywood might have you believe, today, only around 5 percent of marriages in India are "love" marriages.

Marital rape in India is still not criminalized, which means that, if a woman marries a man she doesn't know, she has no legal recourse if things turn violent. The divorce rate may be low (1 in 1000 according to some studies), but that doesn't necessarily mean that arranged marriages are more successful.

One 21-year-old woman I spoke to, Kalyani Salgame, explained that while divorce is more accepted in younger generations, her parents' generation "speak about it in hushed whispers, often associating the woman with pity."Purnima Madhivanan is an infectious disease epidemiologist at Florida International University who grew up in India and has studied Indian marital relationships in the context of public health.

But she gave in, met him for coffee, and they ended up dating for a while with the assumption that it would lead to a wedding. While Uday explains that dating is still somewhat of a taboo in India, she says that in most urban households, it is gaining acceptance.