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The daily edition was named National Newspaper of the Year at the 2004 British Press Awards.

In June 2015, it had an average daily circulation of just below 58,000, 85 per cent down from its 1990 peak, with the Sunday edition having a circulation of just over 97,000.

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It remains a mystery why a director who is not British and whose film is not about Britain is a more pressing concern to the Mayor than one of his own citizens, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratfliffe, wrongly jailed in Tehran A new breed of activists-cum-urban explorers – urbexers – are testing the limits of both the law and their own mortality to challenge a world of growing boundaries and restrictions and reassert the right to freedom of movement Long-distance relationships can be tricky enough without the full force of American justice getting in the way.

Now that the US has an even more extreme anti-science leader, veterans of that conflict tell Chantal Da Silva that their southern counterparts must resist early and loudly Debenhams is soon to become the first major UK department store to sell hijabs as part of a new range of Muslim clothing.

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