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The conglomerator Teddy K jets in for a meeting with the staff, at which he recites various corporate platitudes to an adoring audience (one of the keys to success in business is the ability to endure the gaseous inanities of Management-Speak as if they meant anything).

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I don't believe the real Dan would have made quite that speech, but then I don't believe the third act of "In Good Company." I'd like to, but I just can't.

I don't think corporate struggles turn out that way.

Paymer's character provides the movie with emotional ballast; he is not only out of work, but probably unemployable, at his age and salary level, and unsuited to survive at a lower level. It is a corporate strategy to create narratives for employees to imagine, in which they begin as junior executives and ascend to the boardroom.

Countless college graduates enter this dream world every year, without reflecting (a) that there are many fewer positions at the top than at the bottom, and (b) that therefore, if the corporations are still hiring at the bottom, it is because there are fatalities at the top.

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