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Desperate to have a son, Caroline went against her doctor’s recommendations and had another child, a son.“She couldn’t carry him to full term and had to deliver him at 6 months,” says Dorough.

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Her son developed Cerebral Palsy and required extensive care and attention.

“The medicines impaired her a bit and wouldn’t allow her to care for her son the way she wanted to.

“He went back with Chris and formed a group and little by little that spun off to eventually be ‘N Sync.” It was an irony that wound up taking somewhat of an emotional toll on BSB, who had to learn how to cope with what Howie refers to as the “two children syndrome.” “We [the groups] never, I think, felt negatively towards each other.

If anything, I think it was moreso what the media created, or maybe moreso in our early days …

“She lived life to the fullest and never complained or let on that she was so sick.” Caroline had a young daughter when she was diagnosed and was cautioned not to get pregnant again.