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SPORT Making friends whilst doing your favourite sport is a safe bet—you will always have something fun to do together.For those into circuit-type workouts, the English organisers of Beachfit meet at Buenas Migas on Barceloneta beach every day.

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“A parent’s learning curve is a steep one and it’s reassuring and empowering for them to feel welcomed into the intimacy of a small group who meet once a week,” said Krüger.

There are several free online forums for Barcelona-based families where you can post queries and suggest get-togethers.

On its group page, Barcelona Culti Group describes itself as existing “for the sole purpose of casual get-togethers in a friendly environment where everyone feels welcome.” ONLINE FORUMS AND GROUPS FOR FAMILIES For many families, living a flight away from the grandparents and other relations can be especially challenging and the support of good friends in the same boat can be a life-saver.

Brit and mum-of-two Monica Krüger has been living in Barcelona for 17 years.

More than anything it is nice to know there is a whole community of English-speaking families in the city at the tip of your fingers.