High net worth dating service

So, we're going to learn about this and maybe you'll figure that's a relevant you can use and will fit with you. So she's got 12 years of experience helping rich men meet the women of their dreams or the women they're really looking for serious relationships.

She has very specific experience, which is why I asked her to come on the show to talk about these two topics.

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I would really want to see somebody having dated a lot and had a ton of fun in doing that and having lots of casual encounters and a few serious relationships and maybe even being previously married. So, that can be part of the process and really trying to see if this is somebody that I could legitimately represent if they're match able.

[Angel Donovan]: What are the demographics of the people? I see probably the biggest of concentration for men and women in their 30s and 40s approaching me.

[Angel Donovan]: For matchmaking, just to explain quickly to everyone, how that works. I like to call this a dating and social network because, that's really what it is versus a service per se.

Basically, it's the exact opposite of Tinder, right? [Amy Andersen]: The antithesis, it really actually is. We start with, one of the initial points when I get somebody's inquiry about joining Linx is sending them out some pre-screening questions.

There's that intensity fueling them with respect to their career and then also matters of the heart in their personal life and it's just really hard for them to focus. One of the biggest mantra for Linx is that we don't advertise.