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Dating abuse is any kind of abuse that takes place between two people who are currently dating or have dated in the past.

) A STORY: If you witness some boundaries being crossed, what would you do or say? You may want to jump right into the story, but just take a sec to consider the question. ) Tom was minding his own business at school one day, walking through the halls on his way to the bathroom. Later that day, Tom found the girl from the stairwell. She was completely freaked at first because she was embarrassed and didn’t know Tom. If you want to prevent violence from being in your life, you need to become a nonviolent person yourself.

Well, it .” (Okay, so basically, have your friend read all these posts and then have a serious conversation! She ran off and the guy turned to Tom and asked if he was looking for a fight.

Abusers often use emotional blackmail or psychological manipulation to control the abused parties.