Helen flanagan dating micah richards

Anyway, I’m not sure what these pictures are for, but I do know one thing: Helen can rock a hand bra better than 99% of models out there. Anyway, there’s also a pretty hot video below with more “info” on the deal, and by that I mean more shots of Helen dancing around in very little clothing. are for, but I do know that whatever it is, I definitely approve.

Forget complicated lingerie and high-concept photoshoots. I’ve always thought that Helen looked best in just a simple handbra. showing off her perfect booty on a tennis court were for.

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In October 2011, Flanagan announced that she would leave Coronation Street in February 2012 to pursue other interests.

In September 2013 she appeared in Celebrity Super Spa, a reality-television program based in a Liverpool Salon on Channel 5.

And in March 2008 she was said to have gone on a string of dates with another City defender, Micah Richards, 21.

One of Richards' friends told the Sunday Mirror: 'As soon as he laid eyes on her he made a big play for her, sending her texts and demanding a date.'After a couple of weeks she relented and they're getting on very well. She's only young and just out to have a bit of a laugh.'Helen split with her builder boyfriend Danny Scott, 23, in August 2009, saying they 'fell out of love'.

In 2010, Flanagan appeared in Coronation Street spin-off Coronation Street: A Knights Tale as her character Rosie Webster.