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-I understand that being fit for derby may mean making lifestyle changes, including diet, exercise, and other of life’s joys.

I know that I may have to cut back or modify some really, really fun habits in order to perform better or adhere to a team policy (note that this comes from someone who skates as “Retox.”) -I am aware that injuries are common in roller derby.

This is why you need to contact the league’s recruitment coordinator before launching any further plan of action.

Hey, that’s fine—we are expecting you, and that’s why I’ve assembled this handy list.

In my other life, we have to provide people who participate in certain activities with what is known as informed consent. ” or “All my local roller girls hang out at the bar and they look like the coolest chicks ever!

If you’re attracted by the fashion, or the fishnets, or the bad-ass women, make sure you’re also attracted by the sweating, the aggression, and the competition, because, ladies, this is a sport. The first thing to do is get the basics of the sport down. Visit the sites listed in the blogroll here, like Derby News Network, to get the sweet and lowdown on the roller derby world. There are some resources, including the WFTDA website and the International Derby Roster, that can lead you to leagues, but in many towns there are brand spankin’ new startup leagues that may not even have a web presence yet.

Check the glossary on this blog to get a handle on terms and how the game works. Try surfing for your area—a lot of teams post recruitment ads there. Check your local alternative newsweekly or contact the sports or events editor at your local newspaper.

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