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I also felt reassured by the fact that I knew what to expect from a golfer; we all have similar interests." Annie is now happily ensconced with James Pettigrew* after only her second game of golf with a TEE fore TWO member!

One thing you can be assured of is that every member of TEE fore TWO has a common starting point - golf.

You’ve checked the forecast, you’ve planned your outfit and you’ve even visualised splitting the 1st fairway, and then you hear that terrible question… ” We’ve all probably heard those dreaded words at some point, and answering never gets any easier.

Thankfully we’re here to help with a list of ammunition you can use to remind your better half how lucky they really are to be dating a golfer…

Being able to control your focus between shots can be a huge advantage on the golf course, and it’s the same back at home. Golfers know when to play safe and when they can be aggressive.