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Regular SD cards are larger and micro SD cards are much smaller.These generally come with a regular SD adapter so you can use the micro SD card in devices/card readers that only accept the regular SD card type.Garmin Map Updates are the most cost effective and efficient way for you to get the latest and most current roads, streets, highways, junctions, points of interest, and addresses on your Nuvi GPS or sat nav.

Prices start low, so for the cheapest deals on Garmin Map Updates visit the official Garmin website.

If you cannot get a free update then look at doing a onetime map refresh on your Nuvi GPS device.

case Id= Frequently Asked Questions Do we know which version this is attached to?

Since the info is posted for June 3rd I would assume 5.5 but was it really 5.4 or before that and they just now posted it?

Garmin sell map updates from their website for users no matter where you are in the World, so although we reference prices in dollars, you can still purchase map update from Garmin.

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