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Members of idol groups occasionally work on collaborative projects with other idols and groups outside of their own, and members of particularly successful groups sometimes develop flourishing solo careers as well (Like G-Dragon of Big Bang and Hyun-Ah of 4Minute).

If you're just learning about K-Pop (or if you're already a fan), these are 10 popular boy bands you should hear. Island" is short for "Five Treasure Island."Debut: 2005 Entertainment Label: DSP Entertainment Number of Members: 5 Members: Kim Hyun-joong, Heo Young-saeng, Kim Kyu-jong, Park Jung-min, and Kim Hyung-jun.

They've sampled diverse musical styles and created something totally new, unique, and awesome.

K-Pop is wildly popular in the Asian world for its signature swagger, class, and catchiness, and it's rapidly becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

Debut: 2007 Entertainment Label: Mnet Media Number of Members: 5 Members: Choi Jong-hoon, Lee Hongki, Lee Jae jin, Song Seung-hyun, and Choi Min-hwan. Studio Albums: 1 Korean, 2 Japanese Fun Fact: The band's name is pronounced "Double S 5-oh-1." They have been on hiatus since 2010.