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Well, this is one celebrity hookup we weren't expecting.

Fran Drescher is back out in the dating scene with her new man, who is a celebrity in his own right. He's a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate for one.

Fran is no stranger to modern technology – she used social media to share the news of her marriage split last year. They exchanged vows during an intimate ceremony at their U. He later revealed he is gay, but the former couple has remained close.

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The two memorably worked together from 1993 to 1999 on the sitcom, which was set in New York City and featured Drescher as Shaughnessy’s shrill-voiced nanny and eventual love interest.

Fran Drescher reunited with her former costar Charles Shaughnessy on Wednesday night at the Los Angeles premiere of the play “Cinderella,” sending fans of “The Nanny” into a frenzy.

Drescher was famously married to Peter Marc Jacobson, a TV writer/producer/director, for over 20 years.

They divorced in 1999 and he came out of the closet, but the two remain very close.

Drescher said: “I don’t think we’ve decided yet but we know what we’re doing.