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Since I have never been in the forces I can only go based on what I saw living with a trooper and being around his buddies, that obviously does not touch the forces on a whole. They say jump, you not only jump, but you ask for more.3.

My whole post was tongue in cheek, not as a way to put down soldiers. Try not to stand out, for it will conflict with number 1, unless you are doing tests.4.

You will have people yelling at you and picking you apart for EVERYTHING for months while you are being asked to do things that you have never done before.

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Emergency services dating has evolved with the help of Uniform Dating to include not just police dating, but also dating nurses, airline staff and other women in uniform.

So if you are a man or woman in the uniformed services, put yourself on the site for free and make yourself available to those who would love to date you.

Trust me when I tell you that YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT!

Go into your basic training with the attitude that you will NOT fail and when it gets tough remember that it is only temporary. I have never been in, but my ex was a former member (got out when our son was 1 month old), From what I can tell from him, his buddies and our roomie (all troopers), is you have to know how to cuss and drink like it's no ones business.

Most people to use Uniform Dating are looking for ‘police dating’ although other frequently searched for terms include ‘dating military’ and army date’.