Floyd mayweather who is he dating

17 -- Victor Ortiz, Las Vegas, NV, KO 4(Won WBC welterweight title)May 1 -- Shane Mosley, Las Vegas, NV, W 12Sept.

19 -- Juan Manuel Marquez, Las Vegas, NV, W 12*INACTIVE Dec.

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By attacking his earning power — even with heavily flawed numbers — Floyd may be able to push the martial artist over the edge.

What will help Money’s strategy is the fact that, right or wrong on numbers, he does have the high ground when it comes to earnings.

But Floyd took a lot of heat today on Twitter and in the media — hat tip — for botching the actual Conor Mc Gregor net worth by grossly underestimating it.

In a tweet, Mayweather mocked Conor Mc Gregor’s net worth, implying the Irishman was only worth $2.5 million.

Shortly after that statement, White responded in kind saying, “Conor’s been around for three or four years.