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It's been three years since he's gotten sober and it's like meeting this brand new person.There's just something missing -- and its his ability to share.

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She's been featured on "Oprah" and CNN, offering advice to couples on how to prevent and recover from extramarital affairs. For more marital and relationship advice and to see how other couples have gotten to the altar, visit our On Love section. ____________________ Ellen Mc Carthy: Hi all, Thanks so much for joining us today.

Peggy Vaughan is one of the foremost experts on affairs and I'm excited she's here to answer our questions on this issue and relationships in general. _______________________ Ellen Mc Carthy: Peggy, in your book you're very honest about the pain affairs caused in your marriage.

That makes me feel like he doesn't trust me with any of it. Feel as if there's no foundation to build on if we can't even discuss it without him getting defensive.

I try to stuff it all, but it rears its ugly head that way. We recently ran into the "other woman" while at an Eagles Game in a suite.

The proof of the fact that we have choices is that most people have affairs when they are willing to be dishonest and deceptive.