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Marsha Linehan's DBT model emphasizes the importance of early invalidating environments.

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Our patients deserve the very best treatments-treatments that have empirical support. Well, they include major depressive disorder, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety, specific phobia, OCD, dysthymia, substance abuse, ADHD, eating disorders, marital distress, and other significant problems.

Fortunately, one of those treatments is available—it's called CBT. Indeed, labeling "depression" as a simple problem is not only insensitive to the millions of people who suffer, but also is in total disregard of the devastating effects that result from depression.

In addition, he claims that CBT is simply another way of viewing people as "stupid" because they hold irrational beliefs that contribute to their suffering.

He also claims that CBT says almost nothing about the origin of these beliefs except to say that people are just "born that way." Dr.

In one study the costs of absenteeism were directly related to actually taking antidepressant medication (Birnbaum, et al., 2010; Dewa, Hoch, Lin, Paterson, & Goering, 2003).