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Verizon keeps buying more teen-skewing fare for Go90 — meaning it either has found an audience engaged in the scripted originals, or is crossing fingers that one eventually materializes.

Season 2 of high-school drama “Guidance” from Awesomeness TV will premiere Nov.

14 on Go90 with an all-new cast, headlined by You Tube star Arden Rose (Go90’s “Mr.

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Awesomeness TV is a majority owned by Comcast (after its acquisition of Dream Works Animation) with minority stakes held by Hearst and Verizon.

Pictured above: Erica Dasher (left) and Arden Rose in “Guidance” season 2.

I think people will be shocked and dying to see more.” In the second season, the class over-achiever (Rose) at Capitol High discovers her perfect GPA is suffering, causing her to accuse the school’s most beloved teacher of favoritism.

This triggers an investigation, led by the new guidance counselor (Dasher), that unearths years of school secrets.

Sascha can also be seen as Anna in Emmy-nominated director Scott Brown's original web-series "Blue Movies." Sascha has booked commercial campaigns for Smirnoff Ice, Honda, Rice Krispies, Wendy's, Comcast, Alltell, Kmart, Citibank, 1-800-Flowers, Orange Mobile, Progressive, Buffalo Wild Wings, and more.