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I mean be respectful and all but the message does not have to be perfect, because lets face it no one is perfect. The procedure is, to start from the basic forum page, click into the search box at the top, and type "messages".

Plus, if you write just the way you want with no"restrictions" it shows your personality And, if the person cannot accept you for you then you dont need that person. Hit the search button, and you will see TONS of entries asking the same question you have here, and find lots of good (and not so good) answers and suggestions.

: P I sometimes end it with have an awesome day, night, week..other times end it with a question - like if he has camping, I end it with "where do you like to camp? Sometimes when messages start going back and forth, no ending is there.

It's left open to add on to whatever he or I wrote.

I try not to put too much thought into it; I often end up signing my name. I think that saying if you don't respond, etc., is nailing the lid on the coffin. No response within a day or 2 simply means no interest and it's not the end of the world.

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    Out of all the single senior people you may meet, very few of those individuals are actually compatible with you.

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    In the pilot, Brenneman's character is shopping alone in a grocery store, hair pulled back, glasses on, when she encounters the handsome ex-boyfriend who wouldn't commit to her — with his beautiful new wife."Violet is a person who basically believes in talk therapy and was pretty anti-meds," says Brenneman.

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