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The producers finally told them that they needed to "pull it together", and while it didn't happen quickly or naturally, they finally became more comfortable with each other. Emily almost didn't get the role of Lilly on Hannah Montana.

When she came in to audition, she appeared to be very shy and uncomfortable, and the casting crew got the impression that she didn't want to be there.

On the Disney Channel Games interview, she stated that she has 2 dogs, lizards, a turtle and a fish.

On the Disney Channel Games interview, she stated she can cook, and she loves making breakfast for her family.

He told her she did a good job at the audition, and she just said "thanks" and continued running around the playground. She is friends with the Jonas Brothers, but is not a fan of their music.

That's when the director knew she was "the one" to play Lilly. She sang some vocals in Billy Ray Cyrus's song "You've Got A Friend".

One of them even joked that she looked "dead." However, once she opened her mouth and started the actual audition, everyone was amazed at how funny and natural she was.