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When you look at the website of AFA/Love, under their DISCLAIMER, you will read that AFA DO NOT verify ANY OF THE WOMEN listed on their sites... Foreignladies is affiliated with AFA because AFA employee Joe Nails owns and runs the BS site..

Stay away from all dating sites that have Russian/Ukraine Women on them... If you travel to other cities in Eastern Ukraine, a man has much better success. I rented a car, bought an electronic translator, and took my tablet with me. I went to a real estate office, found 3 different apartments, and booked all 3 for 10 days each. My trip cost was less than 3000.00 with round trip air, room, and car.

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A person has not seen genuine gratitude until you give a small gift of friendship to a Ukrainian woman. If anyone reading this is considering a Ukrainian tour, go to a livestock auction first, if you enjoy that, then a tour is for you.