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) to write your description, you can easily ask another friend to help you out.Ask one of your friends by going to your ‘Friends’ section and clicking ‘Request description’ - this will send them an email asking them to describe you.

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You can skip between sections by clicking on the number at the top and your answers will save as you go - you can change your description at ‘5’ and edit your response to your friends description at ‘6’.

The profiles that appear at the top of your search are those that have recently been online and active.

If you have any questions about this just drop us an email on [email protected] we'll be glad to help!

No - only you can see your bookmarks so people won’t know if you’ve added them to your list.

If you’ve invited friends to be your wingmen but they haven’t received their registration email, ask them to check their Junk folder and ‘Social’ & ‘Promotions’ folders if they’re using Gmail, as it may have been misplaced there.