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If you want to use an IDE for Mozilla C development with advanced code assistance (inheritance/call graph explorer, jump to definition, refactoring, autocomplete, syntax highlighting, etc.), then Eclipse CDT might be for you.

Eclipse provides many features that you'll find yourself unable to live without once you start using it, but it does come with some fairly hefty system requirements.

Certain components can be uninstalled from within CCS, especially in case an installation went wrong or if a previous version is required instead. Certain core components such as DVT, Debug Server, IDE and most of Eclipse and CDT components (everything that has and ID that starts with org.eclipse) are critical for the operation of CCS and will render it unusable if uninstalled. Manual deletion of files must be done with extreme care to not disrupt the current CCS install.

In case this procedure does not work or somehow the dependencies are not fully deleted with lingering files in your install, manual deletion of the features may be necessary.

Whatever is shown in this list is directly related to the update sites configured in CCS, as shown in the Managing Update Sites/Servers section below.

Note: sometimes the software being installed may fail due to reasons like permissions (more common in Linux) or incompatibility between the existing CCS release and the software to be installed (more common if using older CCS releases).

) is a great tool for working with Maven projects inside Eclipse.

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