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Then my mom asked me (in asian language) about the price, then this redneck/white guy yell and say " speak english! Then the second time that my mom speak asian language asking me to pay my stuff, he yell again, say " I said speak english! To be honest, when Trump was still on his campaign against Clinton, the students in Spanish II class (Yes, I am still taking this class because I have to) said, "Build the wall!

" and one of the students which his name is Carter Battarbe actually said, "Whenever the wall is completely built, I will go to the south of the border and I will shout 'Ha ha!

Sitting at the hotel we walked to get some beer just the people looking at a black and a white together was like we were about to be struck down by God or something crazy.

Can't do Mississippi not for me I would be smacking people left and right go crazy and probably get killed in police station I am a black female singer that worked at a Casino here with a band and strangely we kept a good crowd every night because the band was skin tight.

" the guys stopped charting and the answer was "WE DON'T HAVE GAS TODAY".