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Join Relationship Coach Donna for live teleclass to learn effective communication beginning with the initial email to your first "in person" date to meet someone special online.Become skilled at ways to post your profile, screening process and solutions for common challenges.

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Free Women's Teleclass - 4 Qualities that Make a Man Fall in Love & Stay Devoted Led by Wendy Newman, a senior Workshop leader (Leads: The Queen’s Code Workshop and The Queen’s Code for Sex) *** Online Registration (not Meetup RSVP) is required and space is limited so register now by clicking the link below, so the conference call information can be emailed to you: Hi ladies! Registration is required and space is limited so register now.

Did you know you don’t have to be a model straight out of a magazine for a man to fall in love with you? Register here and provide an email address so the conference call information can be emailed to you. I'm committed to helping women find their own happily ever after – that man who loves you just as you are. Over the past 10 years, I've interviewed thousands of men on sex, dating, relationships, and women.

I consider myself traditional in many ways and am not sure the same dating rules exist as compared to when I was dating 10 years ago. In my book, that’s a bad sign, and I now just detach.

|Age: 35 The same dating rules that were in place 10 years ago don’t exist anymore. These men that use these dating websites that don’t know when they’re next window of free time will be kill me. The worst are when the other person says “We should meet for a drink.” Um, okay. If they man follows up and has a plan, I’ll absolutely meet him.

The only rule there is now is that there are no rules. What’s the point of responding to a man’s profile if you’re going to sit back and wait for him to suggest that you and he meet? This is something we discussed in an Online Dating Teleclass a few weeks ago. But I’m not extending that dance for his amusement or to coddle him.