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From there, I even took it down to one photo at some points. No, most people tell me I’m above average in the looks department. A shirtless picture of you playing beach volleyball is better than a shirtless mirror selfie.

However, it’s nice to have good and steady leads through online dating.

One or two hours on a Wednesday of messaging girls, while writing blogs and drinking beer, could easily net me five new phone numbers.

Assuming they don’t offer it up though, the only thing you have to do now, playa’, is to respond back one more time with this: Understand that these girls are getting dozens and dozens of thirsty dudes offering up cock to them everyday.

You are literally a tiny spec on their radar…but you’re becoming bigger the further you progress.

It means if you’re a fatass, you can’t put that you have an athletic build. For example, if your profile says that you’re a real midget with a job in the circus unicyling, and that your ultimate goal is to ride a lion, you can’t go and send a sappy ass message about how you liked her hobbies and thought you’d hit it off. I never had success when I took it seriously, especially with girls my age.

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