Draya chris brown dating

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Draya tweeted a photo on Wednesday June 27 β€” one of her and Karrueche β€” with the caption, β€œMe and @karrueche!!!

” One day prior on June 26, Draya and Karrueche both tweeted that they were on a date!

As far as the whole violence thing goes, yeah its wrong, but you can only try to understand the situation, you will never truly know what went on inside of your man's head that day. Same as dating a cheater or a liar.pray he wont cheat or lie to you.

You pretty much just have to have trust in that person, believe they learned their lesson, and pray they don't do it to you.

"He got down on one knee and as soon as he started to talk I got nervous and couldn't help but to laugh hysterically.