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I would like to bring your attention about two thirds of the way down to the picture of the Most Important Seal Carcass EVAR.“Why is this most important seal carcass”, I hear you ask, “Do you have the brain worms again? It is important because: Carbon dating is not perfect. We’ve done this by comparing the carbon ratios in organic matter that we are pretty sure of the age of, such as tree rings.

Sure, I can go hit the tops of coral reefs for samples but I don’t have to drill very deep on the reef to find coral too old to accurately date. Down in the Dry Valleys, there was a researcher had been passing by this seal corpse every day and decided “Dammit, I want to know how old this thing is” and took a sample for dating. This was somewhat mindblowing as the specific seal carcass was a modern seal.

The problem cropped up when they dated a bit of seal from a recently collected sample to help calibrate the carbon dating “clock” for the local area.

The fresh sample, from a living seal that unhappily flopped away, dated as being 2000 years old. Sharing these results, this turned into an immediate proof for refutation of carbon dating, and thus all science that might suggest an Earth older than Bishop Usher’s estimate, by the YEC believers.

A simultaneous contradictory thought accepting carbon dating commonly held by YEC that carbon dating of dinosaur bones shows them to fall in the last 10000 years.

Beyond 60000 years, your dating is more or less useless.

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