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“Each one of us is in a tank of particular and inescapable circumstances,” Swindoll writes. But in addition to our situation, there are God-appointed ‘catfish’ to bring sufficient tension that keeps us alive, alert, fresh, and growing.” Swindoll’s version has been widely disseminated since then, perhaps most notably appearing in a 2007 book by the influential pastor Joel Osteen.

An assistant to Swindoll told So where did Nevinson get it? Probably not: People familiar with the cod trade expressed skepticism that there was ever a market for fresh cod, which is typically processed prior to shipping.

A sequel to Triumph of the Nerds, documents the development of ARPANET, the Internet, the World Wide Web and the dot-com bubble of the mid and late 1990s.

Episodes included: Networking the Nerds, Serving the Suits, and Wiring the World.

Catfish: The TV Show is an American reality-based documentary television series airing on MTV about the truths and lies of online dating.