Diablo armory not updating ads on dating

It's been ~8 hours and still both the Armory and Hero API are returning my old gear which I am not wearing any more. Played for a few hours last night, made lots of gear changes.Even my paragon level is unchanged since before Tuesday's maintenance. I logged into the Armory this morning and it has all of my old gear, nothing from last nights session is there at all.

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However, there is no way for them to force it to update. Still not updating, besides DS LFR/normal kills, HC kills aren't updated either, meh.

Killed HC boss yesterday evening around 23:something and it's still not updated (heck, it still shows the gear I was wearing yesterday afternoon). I'm wondering if this has had an effect on the armory updates.

They said sometimes it can take quite a while to update. But, if you're really curious I'm sure if you go far enough back in the blue tracker you can find it.

But, anyway it'll just repeat the same thing everyone else said.

with the reroll mechanic Anyone who knows something about this, i have searched the forum for similar topics but couldn't find any :/ have the same issue on my guys...