Dead end dating series by kimberly raye

They are more traditional, believing that matches should be made on the basis of who is most fertile, not this silly love business.Unfortunately, there is a serial killer who is targeting women using dating services, and that’s what brings bounty hunter Ty into Lil’s office.You can draw some comparisons between this and Mary Janice Davidson’s Undead series, but not a lot of them.

I was a bit reluctant to start on this endeavor, for the back cover description sounded a bit too cutesy for me.

Also, I enjoy male vampires with female humans as the main characters, but I of course was curious about this one and am as addicted to series as vamps are to the red stuff.

When Lil meets geeky vampire Francis Deville, she knows he’s the perfect first client.

If she can hook up Francis–after a little revamping, of course–she will prove her skills to the vampire community and turn DED into the hottest dating service in the Big Apple.

Her mother is constantly trying to set her up, which makes for truly funny moments.