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Figures from various dating sites suggest that the days following the New Year, and especially Sunday this year, are the busiest and most fruitful times to sign up for online dating.

The pros note that the fifth is the first Sunday of the new year, meaning people have returned home from holiday travel, finished unpacking, and finally have time to be alone and focus on themselves.

“Typically, evening hours are the most popular on [] once people are able to wind down and relax,” Thombre says.

"After watching football games and going to New Year's Day parties solo, singles often think about new beginnings," online dating expert Julie Spira wrote last year on

"From joining a gym to going on a diet, the list often includes finding someone to have a meaningful relationship with." Other reasons for the New Year's sign up explosion, according to Spira, include the prevalence of December breakups and the toll that watching couples having romantic holidays can take on people who aren't in relationships.

It's natural to want to find a partner to join you," explains Jessica Tom, community director for dating website How About We.