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After my wife died, I vowed to be everything to Scarlet. She's nothing I thought I'd ever want, Tattooed, pierced, artistic, and carefree, But Tea's all that I want, And everything Scarlet needs. Nick's a famous football player and Tea is a talented photographer. This story was however well written and I did enjoy every moment of it.2 out of 3 is not bad. He’s smart, independent, a football star in his own right. He’s smart, independent, a football star in his own right. But on a flight home, Nick never in a million years would have guessed that he would find the one. As a professional photographer, her work takes her to all corners of the world. So it’s on another plane ride again to follow the money. But what she doesn’t bargain for is a beautiful little girl changing everything for her. One look at the adorable 4-year old and Téa falls in love with her, and not too soon after, falls in love w Fair Play is a sweet, sexy football romance. I absolutely fell in love with them all, especially Scarlet.

Little did the know that was the first day of the rest of their lives. It shows that even after tragedy, you can still open your heart and find love again.

This was my first book I've read from Emerson Rose.

It seemed too unbelievable that they both couldn't put 2 and 2 together when it was so blatantly obvious. The reader has to suspend disbelief on two separate occasions when Tea could have easily identified Nick and the other when Nick could have identified her feet. A life and open to welcome happily ever after... There is only one beautiful, young, vibrant and happy little girl that holds his heart in her hands. There is only one beautiful, young, vibrant and happy little girl that holds his heart in her hands. Never in a million years did Nick ever think he would find her. Téa is a photographer for Crush magazine heading to Myrtle Beach for an assignment.

Shelves: book-boyfriend, perfect-ending, happily-ever-after, scorching-hot-sex, fiesty-heroine, dual-pov, dirty-talk, chance-encounters, cute-read, single-dad, opposites-attract, panty-melting, kindle-unlimited, biracial-romance, widower, sports-romance Cute, quick read (story ends @ 30% - there are bonus stories included). She meets Scarlet and her dad Nick when Scarlet kicks her seat from behind on their plane.

Tea is a photographer, no she hasn't had the chance to travel to a lot of exotic places but she's headed to Myrtle Beach and she couldn't be happier to leave Chicago for a few days, while sitting on the plane she keeps getting kicked in the back of her chair, when she's met by the cutest little girl, but what's even better is her hot dad, Nick introduces himself as he apologizes for his daughter but he can't help but be drawn to Tea, she's different and his daughter likes her. Who would have thought that a child kicking your seat on a plane could lead you to your happily ever after.

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