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Other from Central and South America, including some caribbean countries such as Cuba and Puerto Rico, also speak Spanish.S illegally, there is no denying the economic hardships in Mexico forcing families to be torn apart to support each other.You can drive by, take a look at almost any random construction site, you will see Mexicans sweating like burros to give you a roof over your head and trust me, they ain't makin' much!

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African Americans, Filipinos, white Americans, Mexican Americans and Mexicans, and men and women of all backgrounds joined C├ęsar.

S History class at some point in your life and it left you with a brief history of our country's development over the years.

We give money at church and other charities, yet, we get to write it off when we do our taxes.

Who do you think is breaking their backs picking your fruits and vegetables?

The purpose of this hub is to educate Americans about Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and their role in America.