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In addition to green dating, we also have local green events, conscious retreats and other fun ways for you to meet green singles in Australia and New Zealand or from the other side of Planet Earth. We encourage living and working together in community, helping each other and taking care of our precious Planet Earth.

We applaud Ecuador for giving Nature legal rights and would like to see the rest of the world follow suit.

We are a no borders type of site, and welcome all races, religions and sexual orientations.

Planet Earth Singles Australia/New Zealand was created by environmentalists for Environmentalists, aka GREEN SINGLES. We all need to do everything we can to birth a new reality where we live in a one-world reality of peace and consciousness where everyone is in harmony with Nature.

Le Service Client Meetic assure votre tranquillité en vérifiant et modérant les profils. Des fonctions sont disponibles sur le site comme la « Blacklist » qui vous permet de bloquer des membres.

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