Dating website for clubbers

“Social capital is bragging about your experiences and putting them on Instagram or Facebook and the local nightclub is struggling to cut it when there’s so much choice out there.” A night out at a pop-up restaurant or a secret cinema feels more adventurous than yet another club night, which will only drain finances needed for that ambitious summer holiday trip.

According to Yakob, nightclubbing has become for many young people a “couple of times a year” experience, hearing the best DJs on the best sound systems.

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And US app Jukely has also just launched here, charging £25 a month, and allowing users to book for gigs happening near them two days before they happen.

Showmango is the creation of Frenchman and former club promoter James Kay, who is essentially trying to turn the phrase “Message me for guest list” into a tech business.

This metaphor of the marketplace – a place where people go to “shop” for potential romantic partners and to “sell” themselves in hopes of creating a successful romantic relationship – is highlighted by the layout and functionality of online dating websites.

The marketplace metaphor may also resonate with participants’ conceptual orientation towards the process of finding a romantic partner.

Other sites are more specific, based on the type of members, interests, location, or relationship desired.