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If your date acts in a way that you cannot tolerate and you simply can’t make […] Read more Dear Sara: I started dating someone in the beginning of November.

Everything was going great, [until] he called to tell me he heard from an ex.

Sometimes I “have an awesome profile” and other times I’m “gorgeous.” I always feel it necessary to send, at very least, a thank you.

The idea is that this distorted belief is pervasive and has the effect of making this woman feel […] Read more As the Super Bowl is just days away (Go Falcons! Fortunately, our research scientists are just two floors down from me.

I asked e Harmony Research Scientist Jonathan Beber to do a little […] Read more Dear Sara: About a month ago, my boyfriend of two years broke up with me (I’m 30 and he is 31). I’ve been in several serious relationships, and this one seemed like a wonderful fit—loving, easy, drama-free.

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But, online dating doesn’t wait around if you have family visiting, so I decided the blog shouldn’t wait either!

He took most of the steps to advance the relationship in the […] Read more Because I write about dating and relationships, I’m always on the lookout for issues that affect both men and women.