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Sarno says there are certain key elements that should be included in love contracts.For example, when employees are on the same reporting level, the contract should contain a statement "that the employees will not seek or accept a position where one reports to the other." If one of the employees already supervises the other and it is not possible to transfer one of them to another department or worksite, Sarno recommends requiring that the supervisor agree "to be permanently removed from any decision-making authority over the subordinate." In addition, Sarno says the contract should state that: He stresses that these "love contracts" can be used to supplement a company's dating or fraternization policies, not in place of a well-implemented policy against sexual harassment.Legal Agreement This is a legal agreement ("Agreement") between You and Pre-Dating.

Others in the company might perceive that an employee is receiving preferential treatment because of a romantic involvement with a superior, these experts said.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regulations allow discrimination claims by workers who believe they were denied employment opportunities or benefits that went to a co-worker as a result of sexual favoritism.

Please as always tread with caution and common sense when meeting people for the first time with releasing any personal information.

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A separate set of problems can arise when workplace romances sour.