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It was built on the premise of family introductions, and the focus was on the father's role in establishing a new family, hence the question in the marriage ceremony, "Who gives this woman away?

" In our day, dating arrangements are made entirely by young people apart from parental involvement.

But the practice of dating has transformed the nature of teenage sexuality. It robs a man of the inheritance of an unspoiled wife, and robs the institution of the family of its true foundation. It is naive to think that a woman is able to make decisions limiting sexual activity in an unsupervised context.

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Finally, it is naive to think that it is all a matter of self-control. Self-control means refraining from sexual touch of any kind, at least until covenantal engagement.

What is self-control: one kiss, or two, or four, or five? This is not a platonic relationship which regards the body as evil, but a spiritual relationship which regards the body as good.

And for all those single people out there, if you care about your well being, and want to learn the proper way to find that significant other, don't hesitate another moment in getting this book. This book says everything my husband and I agree with after our "dating" times when we were younger.

And to any teens out there read this before you mess your life up and damage yourself by following the typical pattern of falling "in love" and breaking up! Since then we have become Christians with our own children.

If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.