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The Mughals were descended from Central Asian Turco-Mongols.

Padshah (emperor) Akbar the Great made Lahore one of his original twelve subahs (imperial top-level provinces), bordering Multan (also in Punjab), Kabul (and later its offshoot Kashmir) and (Old) Delhi subahs.

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Abul Fazl, his court historian, calls it "a great city in Bari Doab, in magnificance and populousness it has few equals".

During the late 18th century when the Mughal Empire was in decline, frequent invasions by the Durrani Empire and the Maratha Empire led to a power vacuum in Punjab.

In 1266, Sultan Balban reconquered Lahore from the Mongols but in 1296 to 1305 the barbaric Mongols again overran northern Punjab.

In 1298, 200,000 men Mongol army again conquered northern Punjab and committed atrocities then marched to Delhi but was defeated by the Delhi Sultanate.

During the reign of Qutbu l-Din Aibak, Lahore was known as the 'Ghazni of India'.