Dating site openers

After sneaking into a nightclub and lying about her age, Serena meets barman Chris Cousens (Simon Mallory) who offers her his card and tells her he is a photographer.

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Sky is very cold with her and the truth about Serena's modelling is revealed to Liljana who then slaps Chris.

Chris' seedy dealings are exposed when Serena discovers a webcam in his studio, which is followed by David breaking into Chris' studio to retrieve his computer and later burns the photos of Serena.

However, Serena has difficulty accepting Stingray's hyperactive streak and is uncomfortable to be seen in public with him at times.

David and Liljana disapprove and Stingray turns to Gino Esposito (Shane Mc Namara) for help in style and etiquette to impress Serena, which backfires when he eats too much during a date and is sick all over her.

Serena, expecting to stay no more than several weeks until the family's new home is built, is upset when she learns that they will have to remain living in Ramsay Street after David is ripped off by his business partner Thomas Morgan, leaving the family bankrupt.