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The one who has undertaken the writing of the play scenarios is Atezuki Jun.

As the younger brother of Jyogasaki Takumi, who is attending Moulin Academy because he is aiming to be a doctor, he should be entering Moulin Academy high school next year.

Sadly only 4 Yaoi Game are on the list since there are very few BL Dating Sims Games for android that are in English.

We added Dating Sims Games from other genres that have cute men too, to the list. Yaoi Dating Sims Games Dear My Mononoke Sacrifice Download here:

There was a boy born in a noble family, Shijo, who were grown up as a sacrifice to a Mononoke spector. By my own feet, I will obtain my own place to live.” The boy was offered as a sacrifice to the spector who is the head of the Mononoke of water, Kirei Kokonoe.

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