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All the women there had on full makeup and were wearing fluo latex tanks with a built-in push-up bras.

Except, under the push-up bras, they had supplementary push-up bras.

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The gunmen were led by Movsar Barayev, nephew of slain Chechen rebel militia commander Arbi Barayev, and threatened to kill the hostages unless Russian forces were immediately and unconditionally withdrawn from Chechnya.

They said the deadline was one week, after which they would start killing the hostages. Russia has taken away this right from the Chechens and today we want to reclaim these rights, which Allah has given us, in the same way he has given it to other nations.

Boobs pointed to the sky, they were jogging on the treadmill at a pace that did not allow them to perspire.

I actually saw one chick freak out the second she started breaking into a sweat, immediately lowering her pace and frantically fanning the face with her hand.

If I were a guy, I would jump on an Aeroflot flight ASAP and snatch up the prettiest girl on the block before the potential Cold War II visa ban.