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Like preceding cards, these generally measured about 3.5 x 5.5 inches. These characteristics should be considered descriptive terms, and used as clues to the date, but are not sufficient in themselves to date any card with certainty.The larger Continental size occurs occasionally, as well as other odd sizes, but in terms of frequency the standard size is dominant. Further descriptive types may also help date a card: Wavy, scalloped, dentate or reticulated edges on cards are a relatively recent phenomena, mostly dating 1950s or later.lead in cathedrals pollution discs required from 2017, starting in paris cathedral labyrinths and mazes in France using metal in gothic cathedral construction paying at the péage (toll station) Germans in France cathedral destruction during the French revolution, subsidiary page to Germans in France on first arriving in France - driving France is not England Transbordeur bridges in France and the world 2: focus on Portugalete, Chicago, Rochefort-Martrou Gustave Eiffel’s first work: the Eiffel passerelle, Bordeaux a fifth bridge coming to Bordeaux: pont Chaban-Delmas, a new vertical lift bridge France’s western isles: Ile de Ré France’s western iles: Ile d’Oleron Ile de France, Paris: in the context of Abelard and of French cathedrals short biography of Pierre (Peter) Abelard Marianne - a French national symbol, with French definitive stamps la Belle Epoque Grand Palais, Paris Pic du Midi - observing stars clearly, A64 Carcassonne, A61: world heritage fortified city Futuroscope Vulcania Space City, Toulouse the French umbrella & Aurillac 50 years old: Citroën DS the Citroën 2CV: a French motoring icon the forest as seen by Francois Mauriac, and today Les Landes, places and playtime roundabout art of Les Landes Hermès scarves bastide towns mardi gras!

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This is be followed by more detailed listings for some countries - Great Britain, the United States of America and France.

1869, 1 October: the first postcard, a pre-printed correspondence card, was sent through the public postal service in Austria.

Writing was not allowed on the stamp side, except for the address.

1898-1901 The Private Mailing Card These were the first cards authorized by Congress to be privately printed, yet mailed at the same one-cent rate as the government post-office postal cards.

Now postcard makers could use the entire other side of the card for images, although for a while many cards continued to be printed from earlier printing plates that left white space on picture side to allow for writing.

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