Dating old photos children

Depending on the subjects (sex, age, economic situation) photos can be more or less difficult to date using this method.

It is often easier to date using women’s clothing because women’s fashion during these periods change much more dramatically than men’s does.

A good way to learn when a photo was taken is by dating photographs by clothing.

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The bulk of it is just below the waist and comes out at a 90° angle from the back.

This look is not as soft as the first bustle period.

In 1865 the crinoline was no longer a perfect circle. From 1869-1876 there was a lot of fullness at the back of the skirt with the use of a bustle and loops and folds in the fabric.

It became flatter in the front with most of the volume at the back which created a train. The fullness started low and moved up to just below the waist.

Once again, very little changed for men during this period.