Dating old army photographs

Consists of photos in the Carpenter collection for which copy photos have been produced.

(About 1,600 photographs (selection from full collection).) Date:1860 - 1934 Cartoon Drawings: Herblock Collection A representative sample of original drawings by Herbert L.

(About 1,700 photographs; selection from full collection; records being added.) Date:1850 - 1949 Lamb Studios Archive Preparatory and study sketches for stained glass windows, murals, mosaics, furnishings, metalwork, and interior architecture designed by J. (About 900 photographic prints.) Date:1862 - 1867 Liljenquist Family Collection of Civil War Photographs Close to 700 ambrotype and tintype photographs highlight both Union and Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War.

(700.) Date:1860 - 1865 Lomax Collection Snapshots documenting sound recording expeditions carried out by John Avery Lomax, Alan Lomax, and Ruby Terrill Lomax for the Archive of American Folk Song, including African American and Latino musicians, singers, and dancers, primarily in the southern United States and the Bahamas.

(About 12,900 groups of prints, photographs, and drawings; records being added.) Date:1800 - 1960 Harris & Ewing Collection Portraits and news photographs by Washington, D. (About 25,600 negatives.) Date:1905 - 1945 Highsmith (Carol M.) Archive Architecture and architectural renovation projects in Washington, D. (Documentation for more than 38,000 sites and structures; records being added.) Date:1930 - 2010 Johnston (Frances Benjamin) Collection Photos produced and gathered by Frances Benjamin Johnston in the course of her career as a photojournalist, portrait and architectural photographer.