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Tomboy: Shiloh wore baggy board shorts and a t-shirt with leather flip flops and was spotted getting into the back seat of the car as her siblings helped load groceries into the trunk of the black Tesla Casual: Angie was dressed for summer in a long billowing white cotton dress which she paired with a long gray cardigan.

Brad paired light jeans and a white tee with a white fedora and sported a salt and pepper goatee Angie, meantime, has been based in London working on her philanthropy and political interests, and traveling in support of her advocacy for refugees.

This is how Congress describes the intrusion and fallout: “Embarrassing.” “Astonishing.” “Unprecedented.” This is how Greg, Michael and Sister Megan describe it: “God’s will.” “Victory.” “A miracle.” Another step toward the eradication of immoral weapons. Sometimes one must step away from lawfulness in the service of a greater good.

When superimposed on the small-town history of Oak Ridge or the quotidian mechanics of federal Washington, their anti-nuclear beliefs can look heroic or treasonous. Sometimes the very thing that keeps us safe is the one thing that can exterminate us. What is unambiguous: The nun, the drifter and the house painter have been charged with two felonies whose combined maximum sentence is 30 years in prison. Their jury trial is scheduled to begin May 7 in Knoxville.

Her parents taught her that life is about moving toward one’s purpose. Kneeling down to block traffic at the entrance to the Nevada Test Site in the ’80s. Inside the building was enough radioactive material to fuel over 10,000 nuclear bombs, which would end civilization many times over.