Dating in mn with herpes

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I have had herpes for over 4 years now, but have not come to terms with it. I feel so ashamed and guilty for not being honest about it, and am struggling with how to tell him i have herpes.

I am scared of getting into a relationship as I do not want anybody to know. I am afraid I will scare him away, and I really like this guy. The other cliché thing to say is that he will stay with you if it is meant to be.

I just reunited (this weekend) with a old high school "friend".

I am so scared and nervous i dont know what i can take or what i can/cannot do. My own doctor just told me i showed up positive for both but gave me no direction or advise..he told me is that there is no cure... Can some one help me to understand the question of "what do i do now" Hey, it's ok don't panic. You don't need to listen to such ignorant people who some times post on this site. Just ignore them as they aren't even sure if they have herpes.

We've been going out for about a month now and I haven't told him yet.