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When the couple called off their relationship, Ciara gained a reputation for being somewhat of a stalker and rumors began to spread that she wouldn’t leave 50 Cent alone.

A source close to Ciara stated: “Ciara is a beautiful girl, but she just has the worst luck with men.

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He read me the riot act and then we went out and got slammed. However, the couple did not address the rumours and were not seen out again.

I would love to work with him again." actress Lara Pulver, sparking rumours that the couple might have been dating, especially as they were snapped with their arms around each other while laughing.

The song’s success resulted in Ciara being dubbed the “First Lady of Crunk&B,” a genre comprised of classic R&B and and up-tempo “crunk” music.

Throughout the early 2000s Ciara released a slew of hits and had built a reputation for being an energetic entertainer.

As Bow Wow raps, ” You been runnin ’round with other chicks – I’m single and they lovin it/I’m likin it, but I just want the one that I was in love with That’s not the end of it – I’m tryna let you go/I can’t get a grip of it, is what I’m tryna let you know,” he made it very clear that Ciara had left a lasting impact on him.