Dating former student is dating your second cousin wrong

An increasing number of companies and schools are instituting no-dating policies for these reasons. Posted by Kelly Anders on December 22, 2014 at PM in Current Affairs, Life of Law Schools, Teaching Law, Workplace Law | Permalink Professors should not date students.

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The Professor's interests should not be seen as separate from the institution.

And if a school were to lose Professors because of an anti-dating policy, it is hard to see how the school is not better off.

If there is a youngish person working as a research assistant in the law library or as a secretary, they should be able to consider the student body as part of their dating pool.

Posted by: Blahblah | Dec 23, 2014 AM My official stance is that faculty and students should not date -- period.

No distinction between "in my class(e)" and "not in my class(es)"?